Hey everyone! I am still alive!his is my first email from the Mission Training Center and the last, after this all my emails will come from Kenya. There is only one other person here out of the 2300 people here going to Kenya with me and that’s my companion Elder Hales. I will send pictures in a separate email. The rest of the 8 Elders I live will are going to Philadelphia, New Jersey (not Matt’s mission) I have grown to love them but I will be leaving them Monday when I travel to Kenya. Its a 48-hour flight with layovers in Texas and London. let’s just say I will be sleeping a lot.

Crazy story time. so we got this elder in my room named Elder Doria. Elder Doria I guess has problems sleeping when he is stressed so on the first night at the MTC he woke up screaming bloody murder. it scared all the elders in my room half to death because this happened at 4 in the morning. then the next night we wake up to him sleeping walking. he has gotten out of bed and has the door open, with his towel over his shoulder he tells us, “hurry guys we need to go teach the investigators.” I guess he was so excited that he just wanted to teach in his sleep. we woke the poor elder up and got him back in bed. Since then he has had a few more episodes. usually he just talks in his sleep about investigators but one time he started packing up all of his stuff in the middle of the night like he was trying to leave.

Anyways, since i have been here i have learned a lot about how the spirit works and even got to go to the Provo temple. That was a pretty spiritual experience.
On a side note, one of the sister missionaries told me a funny story of her cousin serving in my mission. He was out searching for people to teach and knocked on a door. When the door opened it was a white girl. I guess this elder hadn’t seen a white girl in 14 months. he was in so much shock that for the entire lesson he could not say a word. luckily his companion was fresh out of the MTC and was not in shock so he had to teach the whole lesson. Can’t imagine how bad I’ll be when I get back.

This is the first of many emails I will be sending and sorry if my English is bad because I have a very limited amount of time to type.