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Hello everyone! Weekly report from Arusha! Unfortunately Thanksgiving is just a US holiday so I did not get to celebrate. Hopefully all of you were able too though. I did not get to have a feast or anything but I tried to be thankful all day and made some cookies. That was the closest to [...]

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POSSESSIONS 11/23/2015

Finished my first transfer. Guess that means I am no longer the newest missionary in the field. We got 8 new missionaries this transfer and lost one. That is good because our mission has been shrinking until now. This is the first time we have had more come in than go out in almost a [...]

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ACCEPTANCE 11/17/2015

Karibuni, everyone! I am having to get use to saying welcome as it is used quiet generously here in Arusha. I am glad to report that I have had another successful week. My companion and  I have been having great success. I think this is because we have been striving to be exactly obedient. We [...]

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INTENTIONS 11/09/2015

Nothing too new, however I did finally get a chance to get out this P-Day (preparation day). So instead of cleaning our flat, we decided that we would go out and experience a little more of Arusha. We got a ride to the locally snake park! Let me tell ya, there are some crazy snakes [...]

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BE THANKFUL 11/01/2015

This week has been exciting. I have started to make some friends here but the language is still tough for me. There are a lot of sounds and grammatical rules that are way different from English. It is taking a bit of effort but I know I can learn it. I cant really say what [...]

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