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PRIDE 12/28/2015

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Arusha. I love hearing from everyone. Sounds like you all are having a Good Christmas season. I had the privilege of Skyping my family for 40 minutes. Lets just say that was the shortest 40 minutes I have ever experienced in my life. Don't take anything for [...]

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Habari Zen? Christmas is in the air. I love this season because no matter where you are you can always find the Christmas spirit. You know, the thing that makes you want to help others and follow Christ's example. Anyways, life is good here in Arusha. We are continuing to press forward with our work [...]

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Hello, Things In December are a bit different than back at home. I haven't received a toy catalog yet or seen dozens of Christmas commercials. They don't know about  reindeer, elves or Frosty the Snowman.  Snow is not associated with Christmas either since most people have never seen it.  That doesn't change the fact that the [...]

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SERVE 12/07/2015

Hello Everyone, Christmas season is a bit different here. The weather is still hot but about one or two days a week we get rain. It rains hard for a few hours but then stops so there isn't too much flooding in the streets. There aren't Christmas decorations like we have in the states but you [...]

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