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Hello Everyone, This week has been quite a blur. I am started to get lost in the mission work. Time is flying faster than I ever would have imagined. I can honestly say I am enjoying myself. A few things help. Like I have been able to start running again since my companion wants to [...]

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BIRTHDAY LOVE 01/18/2016

Hi All, First Birthday as a missionary down, only one to go. Things are going well and I had an awesome week. So last week we had a baptism and then this Sunday we had 2! We set apart Happiness (yes happiness is a name here) as a member of the church and gave her [...]

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LOVE EVERYONE 01/11/2016

  Hello Everyone, I am now done with my training and am a full fledged missionary. Nothing really changes except now I can have positions of leadership. Anyways, My new companion, Elder Gitonga, is an awesome missionary. He is a Kenyan from Nairobi, but despite that we are very similar people. We have the same [...]

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Happy 2016! The only year I won't step foot in America the whole year. So we had Transfers this week. Transfers are every 6 weeks. They make changes to where people are serving and who has positions of leadership. Anyways. Since I finished my training I knew either me or my companion would be transferred. [...]

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