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EXTRA 02/22/2016

As a missionary mom, I got the best surprise today.  I got a text from a member who was visiting Arusha and had met Ben!  He sent me a few pictures and so I am sharing them with you. This is a picture of  Ben and his companion at their Sunday church meeting.  I was [...]

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TRIBES 02/22/2016

Hello everyone! It is good to be writing you all. Time seems to be flying. It feels like I just wrote to everyone yesterday. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their lives too. Nothing crazy to report this week so I will tell you about the culture here. One of the foods that is really popular is [...]

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DON’T BE A QUITTER 02/14/2016

Transfers last weekend. There had been many rumors that I was going to be the next Assistant to the President since I am the oldest American (in terms of time on mission) now. But the elders were all wrong (as usual). President put 2 kenyans as APs which I think is a good thing because [...]

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FINDING JOY 02/02/2016

Things here are going well. I am living the mission life to the fullest. It is good to have soo many new experiences and meet soo many new people. It is hard to understand a culture until you have lived in it. I don't mean visiting but truly living in a culture. I have grown [...]

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