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KAMA COWEDA 08/19/2016

^business as usual (heading in Swahili, not a direct translation, literally means "if usual") Just another week in the mission field. Had to do some cleaning of my new flat but otherwise I have adjusted quite nicely to my new area. I am enjoying it here. I have a good companionship and am liking the [...]

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TRANSFERS 09/12/2016

Hi Everyone, I will now be moving again. It seems these days I am a tourist. I have gotten to move around quite a bit. I am now in an area called Kayole. My new companion is Elder A*. He is a really cool guy and someone I have already had the privilege of serving [...]

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FORGIVE 09/05/2016

Hello, Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. We had a baptism this week and it was a wonderful experience. Brother N, is an amazing person and really friendly. I have seen remarkable changes come into his life and I am so happy for him. Other news, on Wednesday a general Authority is coming [...]

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