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10th TRANSFER 10/24/2016

Already on transfer number 10. time is really flying. So we got transfer news. Nothing has really changed for me. Same area and companion. But that is good, I have been traveling too much lately, I am ready to settle in and go to work. With the way things are going I think we should [...]

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HABARI ZENU 10/17/2016

How is everyone? Hope everyone has had a good week. Mine has been great. I am continuing to love the work here. It has been really amazing to come to an area that was seemingly dead as far as missionary work is concerned and in the past five weeks bring it back to life. We [...]

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QUICK UPDATE 10/04/2016

Incoming from Nairobi, Kenya Not much to crazy happening here. Just staying busy doing the Lords work. Things have been really busy in my new area. Ever since transfers it seems like a fire has been lit and everyone has caught the missionary spirit. Members have been giving us referrals to teach and people have [...]

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HUMP DAY 09/26/2016

Hello, I am reaching my one year mark on my mission this Friday. Never thought I would last this long. But I guess I was wrong. Just one year left to go. I hear the second year goes much faster. Hope that is true. It is weird thinking I have been a missionary for 1 [...]

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