Pole, Nimepotea sana

Sorry, I have been very lost. (<direct translation meaning not around or in this case not emailing)

Things here have been great. I am having a lot of success and time is going faster every day. I have really been trying my best to stay busy and be obedient and I feel I have been receiving the blessings for it. Lately I have been so busy that I haven’t been having time to even contact new people. It has been almost none stop teaching. We literally have to make time to contact (which is every missionaries dream, since contacting new people is usually not the most pleasant way to spend your days) I am so grateful for all the support I get from those at home also.

This week I was able to go on a Safari for the first time. It was awesome. I was able to see 3 of the big five. Missing only Elephants and leopards. I here that is pretty good for a Safari. I will send the best pictures.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures

Elder Pavik