I know Easter was yesterday but I think I can still wish you all a Happy Easter.

Here in Kenya we didn’t do anything for Easter. Though it is widely celebrated, us missionaries just went to work. Hapa kazi tu. Still was a great day. I was given the privilege of covering for someone’s talk at church and had 12 hours to prepare a 15 minute talk. It was a good experience though. We also had a baptism but this one was for one of the member’s children. We usually do baptisms at the age of 8 because that is the age when children start to have a sense of right and wrong. We believe that those who die before 8 are saved in Christ because of their innocence.
Otherwise nothing too exciting happening here. We are just continuing to work hard and focus on bringing others the blessings of eternal life-Especially with the temple announced here in Kenya. 
Have a great week everyone. Sorry, no pictures this week. Guess I am getting lazy.
Elder Pavik