Happy belated Star Wars Day.

Things here are going great. We have been in the middle of rainy season so we have been experiencing a lot of mud but it is a nice change from all the dust we used to get. Only problem is one sunny day later and all the dust is back. The rain has been very much needed here though so I am happy for all the rain we can get. I am ready for the Kenya drought to end.

I have learned a lot about the power of example this week. You may not realize it but you have people watching everything you do. Especially as a missionary. It really does show in your character. Many missionaries think they can do what they want and not follow the rules but I will testify that even the smallest amounts of disobedience are seen and affect the missionary work. I had a recent convert to our church compare me and my companion to another set of missionaries and it really blew me away all the things they realized. At least for my companion and I, we had been on the obedient side of the comparison. But it really has testified to me the power of following the commandments of God. No small action will go unnoticed.

Have a great week everyone.


Elder Pavik