Not to much happening this week. We just got our transfers. I am now starting Transfer number 16. I am still here in Busia with the same companion, Elder Chenani. Elder Fraga is now in our zone and Elder Mortezezadah has been transferred out. We had a baptism for Sister Fiona. We were pretty excited for that. 

One thing I have been thinking about this week is how we are not really giving anything until we put effort in first. A simple example is if someone wants to know if God is really there. You can just kneel and pray. You may get an answer or you may get nothing, but now if you go and you study the scriptures, attend church, and continue praying is when you can find your answer for sure. Sometimes we are required to put in some effort before we receive what we want. That seems to be the rule of life. Probably because the things we get for free we really don’t truly enjoy. We don’t treasure the hard work and sweat it took to gain these things in our own lives.

Here are some pictures for those of you who don’t like reading.
messing around on my bike after a district meeting.
Biking through the bush
Fiona’s baptism
Elder Pavik