After 12 days of being inside due to Kenyan elections I am back out in the field again. I am now starting my last transfer. Due to the election it will be just 5 weeks long. So 5 to go. (sorry for all you missionaries who still have a long time but enjoy it while it lasts) Anyways, I received a new companion named Elder Odhiambo. He is a great guy and I am glad he will be the one who “kills” me. (in missionary slang: last companion) Sad to never have had a son (train a new missionary) But I guess that was what the lord wanted. Maybe he is trying to tell me I shouldn’t have kids once I am home. JK. 

We had Mormon helping hands this week.(service that our church does to show other people we are normal and care about other people too) It was awesome. We cleaned up an Illegal dumping site on the Kenya/Uganda border. I have almost stepped foot in Uganda now. haha. Also received my Itinerary so I guess you can say I am getting Trunky (excited about going home). But don’t worry. I will be working my but off these last few weeks. I am a runner so I have been trained that you always give everything you have left in you at the end. So I guess it is time to start sprinting!
Love you all and enjoy some pictures
Elder Pavik
Pic. 1-New companion,  Pic. 2- 8 missionaries together during election lock down, Pic. 3-hammocks in the attic, Pic. 4- Mormon Helping Hands