Hello! My name is Ben, but for the next two years, I will be known as Elder Pavik.

I am excited to announce that I have been called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was chosen to serve in the Kenya Nairobi mission. I will spend the next two years, from September 30, 2015 to September 30, 2017, serving and teaching the people of Kenya and Tanzania.

I graduated from Granite Bay High School in 2015. In my time there I became a accomplished long distance runner receiving varsity letters in both track and cross-country. I developed a love for airplanes and hope to pursue a future in aeronautical engineering, and learning to enjoy serving others.

I am excited to have my testimony grow as well as the testimony of those I serve.

I will be uploading my adventure regularly so I hope you will check back periodically.

May 2017

FAREWELL 04/24/2017

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Just wanted to add a quick update. Nothing to much going on here. The country is in voting season. We just had the primaries and are now gearing up for the big election.    Us missionaries have also been busy. We had a baptism for a sister we have been teaching.  Also I attached a picture of my MTC group at the Farewell of Sister Were. Sorry sisters, but it ain't fair that you get [...]

MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU 05/08/2017

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Happy belated Star Wars Day. Things here are going great. We have been in the middle of rainy season so we have been experiencing a lot of mud but it is a nice change from all the dust we used to get. Only problem is one sunny day later and all the dust is back. The rain has been very much needed here though so I am happy for all the rain we can get. [...]

April 2017

HAPPY EASTER 04/17/2017

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I know Easter was yesterday but I think I can still wish you all a Happy Easter.   Here in Kenya we didn't do anything for Easter. Though it is widely celebrated, us missionaries just went to work. Hapa kazi tu. Still was a great day. I was given the privilege of covering for someone's talk at church and had 12 hours to prepare a 15 minute talk. It was a good experience though. We [...]

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